2-color silkscreen print, gold & peacock blue on 80lb black paper

T-shirt design for Tape Tempo Music Shop in San Jose, CA

Promotional restaurant place mat for Parentshoods, a parenting app

From “Birth of an Icon” Vans Half-Cab 20th anniversary show, curated by Steve Caballero

Poster for California Extreme, retro video game festival in Santa Clara, CA

Sign for Rocket Reuse, vintage shop in Alameda, CA

Logo for United Kingdom-based Mexican food street vendor

Punk Rock T-Rex, used on membership cards for 924 Gilman Street Project

Poster for folk-punk concert in Portland, OR

Metroid tribute art

Business card art, each character is a different frame of a walking animation

Poster art for concert at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, CA

Ed Roth tribute art

triptych illustration